Akame ga Kill! Filler & Episode List


Akame ga Kill! was first published as manga by Square Enix on March 20th, 2010. Later it was adapted into Anime, but it does not follow the manga’s ending – filler episodes.

Canon Episodes:
Filler Episodes:

Full Akame ga Kill! Episode List

01Kill the DarknessCanon
02Kill the AuthorityCanon
03Kill Your CaresCanon
04Kill the Imperial Arm UsersCanon
05Kill the DreamCanon
06Kill the Absolute JusticeCanon
07Kill the Three: Part 1Canon
08Kill the Three: Part 2Canon
09Kill the Battle FanaticCanon
10Kill the TemptationCanon
11Kill the Mad ScientistCanon
12Kill the NewcomersCanon
13Kill the NuisancesCanon
14Kill the Colossal Danger BeastCanon
15Kill the Religious OrganizationCanon
16Kill the PuppetsCanon
17Kill the CurseCanon
18Kill the DemonCanon
19Kill the FateCanon
20Kill the CarnageCanon
21Kill the DespairMostly Filler
22Kill the Little SisterFiller
23Kill the EmperorFiller
24Akame ga Kill!Filler

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