Great Teacher Onizuka Filler & Episode List


Great Teacher Onizuka features a very interesting and touching story about an ex-gang member Eikichi Onizuka trying his best to become a teacher after seeing the teacher’s influence over schoolgirls. However, Eikichi is a person with high morality and conscience so taking advantage of them is absolutely impossible for him. Instead Eikichi aims to be the greatest teacher that only teaches life lessons.

Canon Episodes:
01-22, 24, 29-33, 35-41
Filler Episodes:
23, 25-28, 34, 42-43

Full Episode List

01GTO - The Legend BeginsCanon
02Enter Uchiyamada!Canon
03Late Night Roof DivingCanon
04The Secret Life of OnizukaCanon
05An Eye for an Eye, a Butt for a ButtCanon
06Conspiracies All AroundCanon
07The Mother of all CrushesCanon
08Bungee Jumping Made EasyCanon
09Onizuka and the Art of WarCanon
10Outside Looking InCanon
11To Be Idolized by a NationCanon
12The Formula for TreacheryCanon
13Only the Best Will DoCanon
14Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceCanon
15The Great SacrificeCanon
16Beauty + Brains = A Dangerous MixCanon
17Falling for The Great OnizukaCanon
18How to Dine and DashCanon
19Private InvestigationsCanon
20Love LettersCanon
21Revolution EverywhereCanon
22The Art of DemolitionCanon
24Compromising PositionsCanon
25Playing Doctor - GTO StyleFiller
26Onizuka Meets His MatchFiller
27GTO - Agent to the StarsFiller
28Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go WrongFiller
29Studies in High FinanceCanon
30Money Talks, GTO WalksCanon
31Destination: OkinawaCanon
32The Law of ProbabilityCanon
33Search and RescueCanon
34Good Cop/Bad CopFiller
35Wedding Bell BluesCanon
37Living TogetherCanon
38Great Treasure OkinawaCanon
39Alone in the DarkCanon
40Matters of the HeartCanon
42Old Wounds RevisitedFiller
43Onizuka's Final BattleFiller

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